CNC Drill Chuck Holder BT40-KPU16

Figure L30000155: CNC Drill Chuck Holder BT40-KPU16
CNC Drill Chuck Holder


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CNC Drill Chuck Holder BT40-KPU16 Specification

Table L30000155: CNC Drill Chuck Holder BT40-KPU16

Tool Holder Turret Interface:
  • Turret: CNC Milling Spindle
  • Tooling Interface: BT-40
  • Power Coupling: Pull stud
  • Y Axis: N/S

Order Code L Ø D Clamping range G Weight
BT30-KPU08 75 36 0.5-8 M12 0.8
BT30-KPU13 91 50 0.5-13 1.2
BT40-KPU08 80 36 0.5-8 M16 1.3
BT40-KPU13 95 50 0.5-13 1.8
BT40-KPU16 113 57 3-16 2.3
BT50-KPU13 105 50 0.5-13 M24 4.4
BT50-KPU16 110 57 3-16 4.7

KPU Drill Chuck Holders are designed for clamping drills and reamers, but not intended for any other operations such as milling or tapping.
KPU Drill Chuck Holder combines a keyless drill chuck and a shank in one body and can withstand heavy job. The runout of KPU Drill Chuck Holders does not exceed 0.05 mm. KPU Drill Chuck Holders must clamp the shank of the tool on the full length of the jaws.

Alternative Name:

VDI Tool holder best Canadian seller

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