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VDI Radial Drilling-Milling Head
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VDI Radial Drilling-Milling Head BR50-1809-ER40-OFF90

Figure L30000899: VDI Radial Drilling-Milling Head BR50-1809-ER40-OFF90
VDI Radial Drilling-Milling Head


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VDI Radial Drilling-Milling Head BR50-1809-ER40-OFF90 Specification

Table L30000899: VDI Radial Drilling-Milling Head BR50-1809-ER40-OFF90

Tool Holder Turret Interface:
  • Turret: N/S
  • Tooling Interface: VDI-50
  • Power Coupling: DIN1809
  • Y Axis: N/S

Part No.D
DIN 69880
BR20-1809-ER16-OFF60201~10 ER1630500083503570272760
BR30-1809-ER25-OFF72301~16 ER25425000956041.575.531.52972
BR40-1809-ER32-OFF90402~20 ER325050001248044110423490
BR40-1809-ER32-OFF90-CTS *400012880481304236.5
BR40-1809-ER32-OFF145402~20 ER3250500017980431114233145
BR50-1809-ER40-OFF90503~26 ER406350001298649112453990
BR50-1809-ER40-OFF90-70 **40001298649.5111.34236.5
BR60-1809-ER40-OFF106603~26 ER40635000154104561235444.5106
BR60-1809-ER50-OFF1066010~34 ER5078500015410474.51235452106
* CTS - Coolant-Through Spindle

** Non-standard drilling-milling head - specially designed for use with ForceOne machines

For the detailed list of compatible machine models - please click the Compatible Machines tab

  • To be used for collet DIN 6499
  • Power coupling according to DIN 1809
  • External and Internal Coolant supply
  • Collet is not included

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