VDI Tap Holder

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TAP-20-ER20 VDI Tap Holder TAP-20-ER20

TAP-ER - VDI Tap Holder

VDI Tapping Tool Holder designed with DIN 69880 Standard and working with collet DIN 6499.
Shank range: VDI20, VDI30, VDI40, VDI50, VDI60.
These holders can be used for CNC Turning Lathes, CNC Lathes.
External coolant supply.

TAP-30-ER25 VDI Tap Holder TAP-30-ER25
TAP-40-ER25 VDI Tap Holder TAP-40-ER25
TAP-50-ER32 VDI Tap Holder TAP-50-ER32
TAP-60-ER32 VDI Tap Holder TAP-60-ER32

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