CNC Super Open Vise

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GH-6" SUPER-OPEN 8" CNC Super Open Vise GH-6" SUPER-OPEN 8"

VIS-SOG - CNC Super Open Vise

CNC Super-Open M/C Angle Vise

The CNC Super-Open M/C Angle Vise is designed with super-wide opening of jaws, which allows it to clamp the workpieces of up to 555 mm size. Due to its special design and FCD-55 grade iron material, and the Angle-Lock system as well - the CNC Super-Open M/C Angle Vise ensures an accurate position of a workpiece.
The standard accessories include 2 pcs of Alignment Wedge.

GH-8" SUPER-OPEN 12" CNC Super Open Vise GH-8" SUPER-OPEN 12"

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