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Order # Product Title Images
V(1-1/2)"-(1)" Sleeve V(1-1/2)"-(1)"

SLV-V1 - Sleeve


V(1-1/2)"-(1/2)" Sleeve V(1-1/2)"-(1/2)"
V(1-1/2)"-(3/4)" Sleeve V(1-1/2)"-(3/4)"
V(1-1/2)"-(3/8)" Sleeve V(1-1/2)"-(3/8)"
V(1-1/2)"-(5/8)" Sleeve V(1-1/2)"-(5/8)"
Order # Product Title Images
E(1)"-MT1 Sleeve E(1)"-MT1

SLV-RS1 - Sleeve


E(1)"-MT2 Sleeve E(1)"-MT2
E(1-1/2)"-MT1 Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-MT1
E(1-1/2)"-MT2 Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-MT2
E(1-1/2)"-MT3 Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-MT3
E(1-1/2)"-MT4 Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-MT4
E(1-1/4)"-MT1 Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-MT1
E(1-1/4)"-MT2 Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-MT2
E(1-1/4)"-MT3 Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-MT3
E(2)"-MT2 Sleeve E(2)"-MT2
E(2)"-MT3 Sleeve E(2)"-MT3
E(2)"-MT4 Sleeve E(2)"-MT4
E(2)"-MT5 Sleeve E(2)"-MT5
E(3)"-MT2 Sleeve E(3)"-MT2
E(3)"-MT3 Sleeve E(3)"-MT3
E(3)"-MT4 Sleeve E(3)"-MT4
E(3)"-MT5 Sleeve E(3)"-MT5
E25-MT1 Sleeve E25-MT1
E25-MT2 Sleeve E25-MT2
E32-MT1 Sleeve E32-MT1
E32-MT2 Sleeve E32-MT2
E32-MT3 Sleeve E32-MT3
E40-MT1 Sleeve E40-MT1
E40-MT2 Sleeve E40-MT2
E40-MT3 Sleeve E40-MT3
E40-MT4 Sleeve E40-MT4
E50-MT2 Sleeve E50-MT2
E50-MT3 Sleeve E50-MT3
E50-MT4 Sleeve E50-MT4
E50-MT5 Sleeve E50-MT5
E60-MT2 Sleeve E60-MT2
E60-MT3 Sleeve E60-MT3
E60-MT4 Sleeve E60-MT4
E60-MT5 Sleeve E60-MT5
Order # Product Title Images
E(1)"-(3/4)" Sleeve E(1)"-(3/4)"

SLV-RS2 - Sleeve

Reducing Sleeve RS for Boring Bar Holder

OEM Part Code:
• E25-16 (Miyano Part No. 5W7853000)
• E25-20 (Miyano Part No. 5W7854000)


E(1)"-(5/8)" Sleeve E(1)"-(5/8)"
E(1-1/2)"-(1)" Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-(1)"
E(1-1/2)"-(1-1/4)" Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-(1-1/4)"
E(1-1/4)"-(1)" Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-(1)"
E(1-1/4)"-(3/4)" Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-(3/4)"
E(1-1/4)"-(5/8)" Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-(5/8)"
E(1-1/4)"-(7/8)" Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-(7/8)"
E(2)"-(1-1/2)" Sleeve E(2)"-(1-1/2)"
E(2)"-(1-1/4)" Sleeve E(2)"-(1-1/4)"
E(2-1/2)"-(1-1/2)" Sleeve E(2-1/2)"-(1-1/2)"
E(2-1/2)"-(2)" Sleeve E(2-1/2)"-(2)"
E(3)"-(2)" Sleeve E(3)"-(2)"
E(3)"-(2-1/2)" Sleeve E(3)"-(2-1/2)"
E(3/4)"-(1/2)" Sleeve E(3/4)"-(1/2)"
E(3/4)"-(5/8)" Sleeve E(3/4)"-(5/8)"
E2"-(1-1/2)" Sleeve E2"-(1-1/2)"
E2"-(1-1/4)" Sleeve E2"-(1-1/4)"
E20-(1/2)" Sleeve E20-(1/2)"
E20-(5/8)" Sleeve E20-(5/8)"
E20-12 Sleeve E20-12
E20-16 Sleeve E20-16
E25-(3/4)" Sleeve E25-(3/4)"
E25-(5/8)" Sleeve E25-(5/8)"
E25-16 Sleeve E25-16
E25-20 Sleeve E25-20
E32-(1)" Sleeve E32-(1)"
E32-(3/4)" Sleeve E32-(3/4)"
E32-(5/8)" Sleeve E32-(5/8)"
E32-16 Sleeve E32-16
E32-20 Sleeve E32-20
E32-25 Sleeve E32-25
E40-(1)" Sleeve E40-(1)"
E40-(1-1/4)" Sleeve E40-(1-1/4)"
E40-(3/4)" Sleeve E40-(3/4)"
E40-(5/8)" Sleeve E40-(5/8)"
E40-16 Sleeve E40-16
E40-20 Sleeve E40-20
E40-25 Sleeve E40-25
E40-32 Sleeve E40-32
E50-32 Sleeve E50-32
E50-40 Sleeve E50-40
E60-40 Sleeve E60-40
E60-50 Sleeve E60-50
Order # Product Title Images
E(1)"-(1/2)" Sleeve E(1)"-(1/2)"

SLV-RS3 - Sleeve

Reducing Sleeve RS-W for Boring Bar Holder with External Coolant supply feature.

OEM Part Code:
• E25-08 (Miyano Part No. 5W7850000)
• E25-10 (Miyano Part No. 5W7851000)
• E25-12 (Miyano Part No. 5W7852000)
• E25-16 (Miyano Part No. 5W7853000)
• E25-20 (Miyano Part No. 5W7854000)


E(1)"-(1/4)" Sleeve E(1)"-(1/4)"
E(1)"-(3/8)" Sleeve E(1)"-(3/8)"
E(1)"-(5/16)" Sleeve E(1)"-(5/16)"
E(1-1/2)"-(1/2)" Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-(1/2)"
E(1-1/2)"-(1/4)" Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-(1/4)"
E(1-1/2)"-(3/4)" Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-(3/4)"
E(1-1/2)"-(3/8)" Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-(3/8)"
E(1-1/2)"-(5/16)" Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-(5/16)"
E(1-1/2)"-(5/8)" Sleeve E(1-1/2)"-(5/8)"
E(1-1/4)"-(1/2)" Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-(1/2)"
E(1-1/4)"-(1/4)" Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-(1/4)"
E(1-1/4)"-(3/8)" Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-(3/8)"
E(1-1/4)"-(5/16)" Sleeve E(1-1/4)"-(5/16)"
E(2)"-(1)" Sleeve E(2)"-(1)"
E(2)"-(1/2)" Sleeve E(2)"-(1/2)"
E(2)"-(3/4)" Sleeve E(2)"-(3/4)"
E(2)"-(3/8)" Sleeve E(2)"-(3/8)"
E(2)"-(5/16)" Sleeve E(2)"-(5/16)"
E(2)"-(5/8)" Sleeve E(2)"-(5/8)"
E(2-1/2)"-(1)" Sleeve E(2-1/2)"-(1)"
E(2-1/2)"-(1-1/4)" Sleeve E(2-1/2)"-(1-1/4)"
E(2-1/2)"-(1/2)" Sleeve E(2-1/2)"-(1/2)"
E(2-1/2)"-(3/4)" Sleeve E(2-1/2)"-(3/4)"
E(2-1/2)"-(5/8)" Sleeve E(2-1/2)"-(5/8)"
E(3)"-(1)" Sleeve E(3)"-(1)"
E(3)"-(1-1/2)" Sleeve E(3)"-(1-1/2)"
E(3)"-(1-1/4)" Sleeve E(3)"-(1-1/4)"
E(3)"-(1/2)" Sleeve E(3)"-(1/2)"
E(3)"-(3/4)" Sleeve E(3)"-(3/4)"
E(3)"-(5/8)" Sleeve E(3)"-(5/8)"
E(3/4)"-(1/4)" Sleeve E(3/4)"-(1/4)"
E(3/4)"-(3/8)" Sleeve E(3/4)"-(3/8)"
E(3/4)"-(5/16)" Sleeve E(3/4)"-(5/16)"
E2"-(1)" Sleeve E2"-(1)"
E2"-(1/2)" Sleeve E2"-(1/2)"
E2"-(3/4)" Sleeve E2"-(3/4)"
E2"-(3/8)" Sleeve E2"-(3/8)"
E2"-(5/16)" Sleeve E2"-(5/16)"
E2"-(5/8)" Sleeve E2"-(5/8)"
E20-(1/4)" Sleeve E20-(1/4)"
E20-(3/8)" Sleeve E20-(3/8)"
E20-(5/16)" Sleeve E20-(5/16)"
E20-06 Sleeve E20-06
E20-08 Sleeve E20-08
E20-10 Sleeve E20-10
E25-(1/2)" Sleeve E25-(1/2)"
E25-(1/4)" Sleeve E25-(1/4)"
E25-(3/8)" Sleeve E25-(3/8)"
E25-(5/16)" Sleeve E25-(5/16)"
E25-06 Sleeve E25-06
E25-08 Sleeve E25-08
E25-10 Sleeve E25-10
E25-12 Sleeve E25-12
E32-(1/2)" Sleeve E32-(1/2)"
E32-(1/4)" Sleeve E32-(1/4)"
E32-(3/8)" Sleeve E32-(3/8)"
E32-(5/16)" Sleeve E32-(5/16)"
E32-06 Sleeve E32-06
E32-08 Sleeve E32-08
E32-10 Sleeve E32-10
E32-12 Sleeve E32-12
E32-14 Sleeve E32-14
E40-(1/2)" Sleeve E40-(1/2)"
E40-(1/4)" Sleeve E40-(1/4)"
E40-(3/8)" Sleeve E40-(3/8)"
E40-(5/16)" Sleeve E40-(5/16)"
E40-06 Sleeve E40-06
E40-08 Sleeve E40-08
E40-10 Sleeve E40-10
E40-12 Sleeve E40-12
E50-(1-1/2") Sleeve E50-(1-1/2")
E50-08 Sleeve E50-08
E50-10 Sleeve E50-10
E50-12 Sleeve E50-12
E50-16 Sleeve E50-16
E50-20 Sleeve E50-20
E50-25 Sleeve E50-25
E60-12 Sleeve E60-12
E60-16 Sleeve E60-16
E60-20 Sleeve E60-20
E60-25 Sleeve E60-25
E60-32 Sleeve E60-32
E80-(1-1/2") Sleeve E80-(1-1/2")
Order # Product Title Images
WE(1-1/2")-(1/2") Sleeve WE(1-1/2")-(1/2")

SLV-RS4i - Sleeve

Reducing Sleeves with external coolant supply for boring bar holders

WE(1-1/2")-(1/4") Sleeve WE(1-1/2")-(1/4")
WE(1-1/2")-(3/4") Sleeve WE(1-1/2")-(3/4")
WE(1-1/2")-(3/8") Sleeve WE(1-1/2")-(3/8")
WE(1-1/2")-(5/16") Sleeve WE(1-1/2")-(5/16")
WE(1-1/2")-(5/8") Sleeve WE(1-1/2")-(5/8")
WE(1-1/4")-(1/2") Sleeve WE(1-1/4")-(1/2")
WE(1-1/4")-(1/4") Sleeve WE(1-1/4")-(1/4")
WE(1-1/4")-(3/8") Sleeve WE(1-1/4")-(3/8")
WE(1-1/4")-(5/16") Sleeve WE(1-1/4")-(5/16")
WE(1-1/4")-(5/8") Sleeve WE(1-1/4")-(5/8")
Order # Product Title Images
MZK-E40-(1") Sleeve MZK-E40-(1")

SLV-MK40 - Sleeve

Boring Sleeves for MAZAK machine models

MZK-E40-(1-1/4") Sleeve MZK-E40-(1-1/4")
MZK-E40-(1/2") Sleeve MZK-E40-(1/2")
MZK-E40-(3/4") Sleeve MZK-E40-(3/4")
MZK-E40-(3/8") Sleeve MZK-E40-(3/8")
MZK-E40-(5/16") Sleeve MZK-E40-(5/16")
MZK-E40-(5/8") Sleeve MZK-E40-(5/8")
MZK-E40-08 Sleeve MZK-E40-08
MZK-E40-10 Sleeve MZK-E40-10
MZK-E40-12 Sleeve MZK-E40-12
MZK-E40-16 Sleeve MZK-E40-16
MZK-E40-20 Sleeve MZK-E40-20
MZK-E40-25 Sleeve MZK-E40-25
MZK-E40-32 Sleeve MZK-E40-32
Order # Product Title Images
MZK-E32-(1") Sleeve MZK-E32-(1")

SLV-MK32 - Sleeve

Boring Sleeves for MAZAK machine models

MZK-E32-(1/2") Sleeve MZK-E32-(1/2")
MZK-E32-(3/4") Sleeve MZK-E32-(3/4")
MZK-E32-(3/8") Sleeve MZK-E32-(3/8")
MZK-E32-(5/16") Sleeve MZK-E32-(5/16")
MZK-E32-(5/8") Sleeve MZK-E32-(5/8")
MZK-E32-08 Sleeve MZK-E32-08
MZK-E32-10 Sleeve MZK-E32-10
MZK-E32-12 Sleeve MZK-E32-12
MZK-E32-16 Sleeve MZK-E32-16
MZK-E32-20 Sleeve MZK-E32-20
MZK-E32-25 Sleeve MZK-E32-25
Order # Product Title Images
WE25-03 Sleeve WE25-03

SLV-RS4m - Sleeve

Reducing Sleeves with external coolant supply for boring bar holders

WE25-04 Sleeve WE25-04
WE25-06 Sleeve WE25-06
WE25-08 Sleeve WE25-08
WE25-10 Sleeve WE25-10
WE25-12 Sleeve WE25-12
WE32-03 Sleeve WE32-03
WE32-04 Sleeve WE32-04
WE32-06 Sleeve WE32-06
WE32-08 Sleeve WE32-08
WE32-10 Sleeve WE32-10
WE32-12 Sleeve WE32-12
WE40-06 Sleeve WE40-06
WE40-08 Sleeve WE40-08
WE40-10 Sleeve WE40-10
WE40-12 Sleeve WE40-12
Order # Product Title Images
THV-AS01-100.40 Sleeve THV-AS01-100.40

SLV-THV-AS01 - Sleeve


THV-AS01-100.50 Sleeve THV-AS01-100.50
THV-AS01-100.60 Sleeve THV-AS01-100.60
THV-AS01-100.80 Sleeve THV-AS01-100.80
THV-AS01-32.10 Sleeve THV-AS01-32.10
THV-AS01-32.12 Sleeve THV-AS01-32.12
THV-AS01-32.15 Sleeve THV-AS01-32.15
THV-AS01-32.16 Sleeve THV-AS01-32.16
THV-AS01-32.20 Sleeve THV-AS01-32.20
THV-AS01-40.10 Sleeve THV-AS01-40.10
THV-AS01-40.12 Sleeve THV-AS01-40.12
THV-AS01-40.15 Sleeve THV-AS01-40.15
THV-AS01-40.16 Sleeve THV-AS01-40.16
THV-AS01-40.20 Sleeve THV-AS01-40.20
THV-AS01-40.25 Sleeve THV-AS01-40.25
THV-AS01-50.10 Sleeve THV-AS01-50.10
THV-AS01-50.12 Sleeve THV-AS01-50.12
THV-AS01-50.15 Sleeve THV-AS01-50.15
THV-AS01-50.16 Sleeve THV-AS01-50.16
THV-AS01-50.20 Sleeve THV-AS01-50.20
THV-AS01-50.25 Sleeve THV-AS01-50.25
THV-AS01-50.32 Sleeve THV-AS01-50.32
THV-AS01-60.15 Sleeve THV-AS01-60.15
THV-AS01-60.16 Sleeve THV-AS01-60.16
THV-AS01-60.20 Sleeve THV-AS01-60.20
THV-AS01-60.25 Sleeve THV-AS01-60.25
THV-AS01-60.32 Sleeve THV-AS01-60.32
THV-AS01-60.40 Sleeve THV-AS01-60.40
THV-AS01-80.32 Sleeve THV-AS01-80.32
THV-AS01-80.40 Sleeve THV-AS01-80.40
THV-AS01-80.50 Sleeve THV-AS01-80.50
THV-AS01-80.60 Sleeve THV-AS01-80.60
Order # Product Title Images
THV-AS02-32.10 Sleeve THV-AS02-32.10

SLV-THV-AS02 - Sleeve


THV-AS02-32.12 Sleeve THV-AS02-32.12
THV-AS02-32.15 Sleeve THV-AS02-32.15
THV-AS02-32.16 Sleeve THV-AS02-32.16
THV-AS02-32.20 Sleeve THV-AS02-32.20
THV-AS02-40.10 Sleeve THV-AS02-40.10
THV-AS02-40.12 Sleeve THV-AS02-40.12
THV-AS02-40.15 Sleeve THV-AS02-40.15
THV-AS02-40.16 Sleeve THV-AS02-40.16
THV-AS02-40.20 Sleeve THV-AS02-40.20
THV-AS02-40.25 Sleeve THV-AS02-40.25
THV-AS02-50.10 Sleeve THV-AS02-50.10
THV-AS02-50.12 Sleeve THV-AS02-50.12
THV-AS02-50.15 Sleeve THV-AS02-50.15
THV-AS02-50.16 Sleeve THV-AS02-50.16
THV-AS02-50.20 Sleeve THV-AS02-50.20
THV-AS02-50.25 Sleeve THV-AS02-50.25
THV-AS02-50.32 Sleeve THV-AS02-50.32
THV-AS02-60.15 Sleeve THV-AS02-60.15
THV-AS02-60.16 Sleeve THV-AS02-60.16
THV-AS02-60.20 Sleeve THV-AS02-60.20
THV-AS02-60.25 Sleeve THV-AS02-60.25
THV-AS02-60.32 Sleeve THV-AS02-60.32
THV-AS02-60.40 Sleeve THV-AS02-60.40
THV-AS02-80.32 Sleeve THV-AS02-80.32
THV-AS02-80.40 Sleeve THV-AS02-80.40
THV-AS02-80.50 Sleeve THV-AS02-80.50
THV-AS02-80.60 Sleeve THV-AS02-80.60
Order # Product Title Images
RS-WE(1-1/4)"-(5/8)"-80 Sleeve RS-WE(1-1/4)"-(5/8)"-80

SLV-RS-WE8 - Sleeve


Order # Product Title Images
V50-16 Sleeve V50-16

SLV-V-1 - Sleeve


V50-20 Sleeve V50-20
V50-25 Sleeve V50-25
V50-32 Sleeve V50-32
V50-40 Sleeve V50-40
Order # Product Title Images
V50-08 Sleeve V50-08

SLV-V-2 - Sleeve


V50-10 Sleeve V50-10
V50-12 Sleeve V50-12
Order # Product Title Images
V50-MTA2 Sleeve V50-MTA2

SLV-V-3 - Sleeve


V50-MTA3 Sleeve V50-MTA3

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