Tilting Universal Vise

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UV-120 Tilting Universal Vise UV-120

VIS-TUV - Tilting Universal Vise

Tilting Universal Vise

The Tilting Universal Vise UV-series are featured by:

  • Precision graduation for accurate reading
  • Horizontal swivel through 360°
  • Vertical tilting angle 45°
  • Maximum protection: the vise is made of high-grade steel; the base is made of FCD55 Ductile Iron
  • Its swiveling and tilting features make this unit well suited for straight or inclined surface, angular drilling machining on various machine tools as precision grinding machine, boring and milling machine, electrical discharge machine, etc.
  • Standard accessory includes the T-Wrench

  • UV-80 Tilting Universal Vise UV-80

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