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M-01-A Tool Sharpener M-01-A

ACCS-TLS-SHRP - Tool Sharpener

Multi-functional Tool Sharpening Machine used for sharpening the Twist Drill Bits, 90? NC spotting Drill Bits, Center Drill Bits, etc.

M-01-AB Tool Sharpener M-01-AB
M-01-ABT Tool Sharpener M-01-ABT
M-01-AT Tool Sharpener M-01-AT
M-08-A Tool Sharpener M-08-A
M-08-AB Tool Sharpener M-08-AB
M-12-L Tool Sharpener M-12-L
M-12-LB Tool Sharpener M-12-LB
M-12-LS Tool Sharpener M-12-LS
M-12-LSB Tool Sharpener M-12-LSB
M-21-A Tool Sharpener M-21-A
M-21-AB Tool Sharpener M-21-AB
M-25-L Tool Sharpener M-25-L
M-25-LB Tool Sharpener M-25-LB
M-25-LS Tool Sharpener M-25-LS
M-25-LSB Tool Sharpener M-25-LSB
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DM-213-110V60Hz Tool Sharpener DM-213-110V60Hz

ACCS-TLS-SHRPD - Tool Sharpener

Fast Drill Re-Sharpening Machine

Patented Features:

  • Double-bearing grinding unit (reduces wear)
  • Drill tightening design with bearing device
  • Adjustable trimming angle

  • DM-213-220V50Hz Tool Sharpener DM-213-220V50Hz
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    GH-1225-110V60Hz Tool Sharpener GH-1225-110V60Hz

    ACCS-TLS-SHRPM - Tool Sharpener

    Fast End Mill Re-Sharpening Machine is featured by high efficiency, easy operation, short processing time

    GH-1225-220V50Hz Tool Sharpener GH-1225-220V50Hz
    GH-413-110V60Hz Tool Sharpener GH-413-110V60Hz
    GH-413-220V50Hz Tool Sharpener GH-413-220V50Hz
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    EH-832 110V60Hz Tool Sharpener EH-832 110V60Hz

    ACCS-TLS-SHRPE - Tool Sharpener

    Endmill Helix Re-Sharpening Machine

  • The Universal Tool & Cutter model EH-832 is versatile in operation without requiring special skills. All milling cutters, endmills, shell endmills, staggered tooth cutters, rough endmills, countersinks (2 flutes, 4 flutes) and the angle of endmill helix can sharpen 2 flutes, 3 flutes, 4 flutes, 5 flutes, 6 flutes.
  • The model EH-832 is designed to sharpen HSS and carbide toolings in small and medium quantities.
  • In one chucking operation, the machine can perform the grinding of the rake angle of the flute, clearance angle on the periphery and the end of the tool.
  • A few seconds set up time for helix angle.
  • Due to the backlash free operation, spiral toothed, solid carbide tipped milling cutters can be ground with high accuracy thus far only achieved by CNC grinders.
  • The heavy duty compound slides and one piece cast-iron base provide extra rigidity and minimize vibration.

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