IMTE Corporate Section: Payment

We accept the following methods of payment:

• Wire transfers are accepted from Canadian, US, and international customers in CDN or USD currencies.
• Wire transfer must be made before shipment.

2. Credit cards

• We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, JCB as over-the-phone or mail/fax-in orders.
• We accept the credit cards payments from Canadian and international customers.
• Cards are charged in Canadian dollars. Conversion rate to a local currency as per your financial institution.
• The credit card payment must be cleared before shipment.
• To make a credit card payment please contact our office.

3. Corporate Cheque

• Cheques are accepted from Canadian and US customers in either CDN or USD currencies.
• Cheques must be mailed in to our office in Canada and cleared before shipment.

4. PayPal payment

• PayPal payments are accepted from Canadian, US, and international customers.
• PayPal payments received are converted into Canadian dollars, so please check
the conversion rate and arrange a right amount if paying in currency other than Canadian dollars.
• PayPal payment must be made before shipment.
• To make a PayPal payment, please click on the button below.

Note:   After making the PayPal payment, please return to our website,
otherwise the transaction may not be complete.

• Sipping & Delivery standards

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