We accept the following methods of payment:

Wire transfers are accepted from Canadian, US, and international customers in CDN or USD currencies.

Wire transfer must be made before shipment.

Credit cards

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, JCB as over-the-phone or mail/fax-in orders.

We accept the credit cards payments from Canadian and international customers.

Cards are charged in Canadian dollars. Conversion rate to a local currency as per your financial institution.

The credit card payment must be cleared before shipment.

To make a credit card payment please contact our office.

Corporate Cheque

Cheques are accepted from Canadian and US customers in either CDN or USD currencies.

Cheques must be mailed in to our office in Canada and cleared before shipment.

PayPal payment

PayPal payments are accepted from Canadian, US, and international customers.

PayPal payments received are converted into Canadian dollars, so please check the conversion rate and arrange a right amount if paying in currency other than Canadian dollars.

PayPal payment must be made before shipment.