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Citizen Tool Holders

Citizen Machinery is the world leader in CNC sliding head auto technology and claims market leadership in small mill/turn part machining for components up to 32 mm diameter. Citizen acquired Miyano Machinery. Click on your CITIZEN machine model for a list of compatible tool holders.

Tool Holders for Citizen Micro HumanTech

IMTE has been providing quality machine tools and advanced machinery to customers for over 20 years. We specialize in CNC swiss type tool holders and offer different types including, static, driven, and milling. A tool holder is an essential part of any manufacturing process when it comes down to maintaining precision during cutting operations with safety as our top priority! IMTE delivers tool holders and other CNC accessories compatible with Citizen Micro Human Tech and other leading brands. 

About Citizen Micro HumanTech Automation

The lineup of products from Citizen Machinery is the world's top market share holder in the world of CNC automatic lathes. Citizens applied the precision production technologies developed through watch manufacturing to provide a wide range of electronic components and products. IMTE supply’s the tool holders to work with Citizen Automation.