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Doosan Tool Holders

DOOSAN Machinery CNC Lathe

According to the DOOSAN website, is the oldest, but fastest growing company. DOOSAN has recorded the longest business history since its inauguration in 1896, but has grown at its most rapid pace for the past 10 years.

Tool holders for DOOSAN CNC Lathe

Need tooling for your DOOSAN turning center? Our online tooling catalog shows rotary (live) and static (fixed) tool holders to fit DOOSAN turning centers. Our complete Doosan CNC Lathe line of the tool holders for machines includes but not limited to: Lynx 220LM, Puma TT1500SY / TT1800SY, Puma 2500Y, Puma 2000Y, Puma 1500Y, Puma 240, Puma 230, TT2000 / TT2500, MX2000 / MX2500 / MX3000, Inverturn, Puma 300, Puma 400, Puma 600, Puma 700, Puma 800, VT1100 and the others. Click on your lathe model for a list of compatible tool holders.

Tool Holders for Doosan

Your CNC machine is not operational without the inclusion of a functional tool holder. Thus, investing in a tool holder that is both reliable and durable is essential. Trust IMTE for all things tool holders and CNC because of over 20 years in the industry servicing the tool holders for your Doosan machines. Our tool holders range from BMT and VDI static and rotary holders, CAT-40 & BT-40 milling holders to collets to vises and all other accessories and other leading brands. 

About Doosan Automation

Use your Doosan to machine great things. If you care about your machining legacy and take immense pride in the parts you produce, go with Doosan. By welcoming a Doosan onto your floor, you are guaranteed the ideal combination of value and reliability. We offer a variety of our CNC tool holders compatible with Doosan machines, guaranteed to enhance the quality of production.

Compatible Machines