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Tool holders for EMAG. EMAG is a manufacturer of CNC lathe and CNC turning centers.RND00023

Tool holders source for EMAG lathe. Tooling for your EMAG turning center from manufacturer. We offer the full range of tool holders for EMAG.We carry EMAG rotary (live) and static (fixed) tool holders for EMAG CNC lathe.Click on your EMAG machine model for a complete list of available tool holders.

Tool Holders for EMAG

A CNC tool holder is the most important component of CNC machines. It is the interface between the spindle and cutting tool. A tool holder goes hand-in-hand with a CNC machine and it is critical for successful operations. Because tool holders play such an important role, investing in a durable tool holder from a reputable brand like IMTE is paramount. IMTE has experienced longevity in the industry by manufacturing top-notch precision tools for CNC machines. Our tool holders range from chucks to vises to angular heads compatible with EMAG machines and other leading brands.

About EMAG Automation

As a manufacturer of CNC machine tools the EMAG Group masters all the processes involved in the soft and hard machining of metals. EMAG draws on an enormous range of technologies to achieve this – from turning, drilling, milling, gear cutting and grinding to laser welding and heat shrink assembly all the way to electro-chemical machining.