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Hurco Tool Holders

HURCO is a manufacturer of CNC lathe and CNC turning centers. RND00067.

Tool holders source for HURCO lathe

Tooling for your HURCO turning center from manufacturer. We offer a full range of tool holders. We carry rotary (live) and static (fixed) tool holders for the HURCO CNC lathe. Click on your machine model for a complete list of available tool holders.

Tool Holders for Hurco 

IMTE has the solution for all your CNC needs. We specialize in producing high-quality tool holders and different types of lathes and swiss tools that are compatible with Hurco and other leading brands. IMTE ensures all users receive quality-graded CNC components to produce the precision and stability needed to exceed industry standards. 

About Hurco Automation

Hurco’s mills and lathes minimize tedious and redundant tasks so CNC machinists can be

more productive and each job can be more profitable. IMTE supply tool holders for Hurco automation so you can maintain quality through design, procurement, and process while using your own CNC machines.