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Hyundai Tool Holders

HYUNDAI is a manufacturer of CNC lathe and CNC turning centers. RND00069.

Tool holders source for HYUNDAI lathe

Tooling for your HYUNDAI turning center from manufacturer. We offer a full range of tool holders. We carry rotary (live) and static (fixed) tool holders for the HYUNDAI CNC lathe. Click on your machine model for a complete list of available tool holders.

Tool Holders for Hyundai

IMTE is here to help Hyundai users get the most out of their equipment. They offer a wide range of products and components, from BMT and VDI static and rotary holders, CAT-40 & BT-40 milling holders that are designed with safety in mind all the way down drag gages for effective lubrication control on your lathe or milling machine! Engineers everywhere can benefit greatly by using these quality items which will save time while improving productivity.

About Hyundai Automation

Hyundai designed their CNC turning machines with years of expertise and the latest technology, maximizing productivity by high speed and accurate performance. IMTE supplies Hyundai’s CNC Lathe Series, boasting the world’s highest speed and productivity and all other CNC tool holders and powerful machining maximizing high speed and efficient productivity.

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