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Leadwell Tool Holders

Leadwell CNC Lathe

LEADWELL MFG CO  is a leading manufacturer of CNC lathe and CNC turning centers in Taiwan. LEADWELL's mission is to constantly search for excellence and gain respect in the industry. Using our 25 years of experience in manufacturing CNC lathe and milling machines LEADWELL gained world recognition in machine tool excellence.LEADWELL manufactures a complete line of CNC vertical machining centers, CNC horizontal machining centers, and CNC lathes of world-class quality. Under new management in September 2000 Mr.Jimmy Chu was named as chairman of LEADWELL is now a member of a worldwide FFG Group of machine tool manufacturing companies playing an important role as a flagman company of the Group.

Tool holders for LEADWELL Lathe

Tooling for your LEADWELL turning center is an essential part of the manufacturing process. We carry rotary (live) and static (fixed) tool holders to fit lathe. Our complete line of  Horizontal CNC Lathe tool holders line includes the following machines:  T-6M,  T-7M, LEADWELL T-8M, and others, equipped both with BMT and VDI turrets. Click on your lathe model for a list of compatible tool holders.


We also carry all LEADWELL spare parts, including spindles, linear ways, ball screws, chucks, and parts of CNC. We are able to provide manuals, and technical specifications, for all machines of all years. To place an order for Leadwell spare parts, please use the contact us page.

Tool Holders for Leadwell

A CNC tool holder secures the end mill in place. It is an essential machining component because when it holds the tool in place precisely and firmly it is not allowing runout to ruin your project or break your cutting tool. IMTE understands the importance of tool holders and thus, offers high-caliber parts for your Leadwell machine. IMTE has over 20 years of experience supplying tool holders for engineers, mechanics to electricians, and other mechanical industries and automated sectors. Our tool holders range BMT and VDI static and rotary holders, CAT-50 & BT-50 milling holders  to collets to vises, all compatible with Leadwell and other leading brands. 

About Leadwell Automation

Leadwell manufactures CNC machinery and equipment known for safety, speed, precision, and efficiency. Leadwell brings high-quality, innovative, reliable, competitive products to the machine tool market. Leadwell produces superior machinery and we offer CNC tool holders fitted for Leadwell machines, bringing innovation and quality assurance to your own line of work.

Compatible Machines