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Lico Tool holders

LICO is a manufacturer of CNC lathe and CNC turning centers. RND00107.

Tool holders source for LICO lathe

Tooling for your LICO turning center from manufacturer. We offer a full range of tool holders. We carry rotary (live) and static (fixed) tool holders for the LICO CNC lathe. Click on your machine model for a complete list of available tool holders.

Tool Holders for Lico

Invest in a durable tool holder from IMTE to ensure long-lasting operations. A tool holder is the most essential component to successfully operate a CNC machine. Our lineup ranges across many different types and sizes compatible with leading brands such as Lico. IMTE ensures the safety and precision of your project are prioritized when you receive our superior quality CNC parts.

About Lico Automation:

Lico provides first-class CNC lathes and machines with innovation and superior quality. The CNC lathe is designed for the metalworking sector and has been adapted by various industries such as computers, aviation, plumbing fittings, vehicles, optical instruments, and others. IMTE supply’s stock of CNC tool holders designed to fit your Lico machines, assuring quality and precision in your production lines.