Angle Head 90 degree

Angular Heads 90 degree provide high precision and rigidity; due to their compact design the cutting area is expanded.Get the most out of your machining center with the powerful addition of Angle Heads.They allow vertical; horizontal and angular operations without repositioning the workpiece; thus dramatically increasing both accuracy and productivity.Angle Heads enhance your milling machine’s capability. Angle Heads give you the results of a brand new machine for an incredibly cheaper price.Angle Heads; with a fixed 90 degree spindle angle; give a flexibility of horizontal operations on a vertical machine. They increase productivity while utilizing the original workpiece setup that improves accuracy and eliminates positioning errors of multiple setups. The compact design minimizes overhang; adds rigidity; increases the effective cutting area.The advantages of Angle Heads:Up to 6000 RPM high speed cutting.Compact and light body design is suitable for drilling; milling; tapping applications.Some can be automatic tool changed; which increases the productivity.Adjustable cutting direction for select models 0 to 360 degree.Combines horizontal and vertical operations in 1 setup.Compact design assures rigidity and strength.Wide range of tapers; lengths and designs.Easy and precise setting of cutter directions.Automatic Tool Change with stop block for select models.Fixed 90 degree spindle with cutter head adjustable to a full 360 degree.Superior quality Germany and Japan made core components.Various adapters for multiple operations. L20000107 “